Your Digital Safe

George Gurdjieff

"Man must use what he has, not hope for what is not."

An excercise to notice ourselves

Maybe we can start with an excercise. A common one given is the door excercise.
When walking through a doorway one must remember oneself.
In other words each time we pass through a doorway we think of ourselves, notice ourself passing through the doorway, be aware of ourself at that particular moment.
The aim is to do this with every doorway we pass through.

Sounds pretty easy? I remember when I first was given the task, I smiled and said to myself
"I can do that, I can do that!".
Well, what I quickly found out was that I could not do that but sure made up excuses for not being able to remember everytime.

It was the begining of noticing that I can not do, and that maybe I am not one.
This was only a very small begining for even now many years later and many efforts later, as I am writing this, I do not feel like a machine and that the I writing this is not the whole of me, who I am.
We are a shifting collection of I's and our understandings are always moving, sometimes up and sometimes down. Experiences wax and wane depending on the stimulus.