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George Gurdjieff

"We must strive for freedom if we strive for self-knowledge. The task of self-knowledge and of further self-development is of such importance"

What Christ did not do!

Well, haven't written anything for about a year now. I guess it is time to express some things I have been gradually awakening to.
I have been becoming aware of two entities; one is the body and another is a very fine awareness that is in the body and connected with the body but not part of it.
There is really no way to describe this awareness in words but it is palpable.

The problem is that I must describing an experience with words is a very crude tool for the job.
We can experience an emotion or a feeling but it is impossible for another to know what we feel unless the other has had the same experience.
But we communicate with words and that is the tool we use to express what we know.
Because of this lack of better communication tools, the whole world has turned the highest teachings into nonsense.
It is simply impossible to know exactly what another is saying.

One of my favorite examples of is in the bible; it says that Christ walked on water.
What a wonderful fairytale for children and adults who find comfort in believing simple answers for the unknowable.
If the answers don't achieve common sense or are even ridiculous, they can be accepted just by labeling them a miracle!
Now unless he had special water shoes or somehow could suspend the laws of gravity, or somehow make his corporeal body less dense than that of water, or changed some other universal laws, (which would cause enormous chaos in the universe) his walking on water is just ridiculous!

But on the other hand, if the meaning is not literal but a metaphor expressing the fact that he had developed a higher awareness.
An awareness that was not identified and imprisoned by the body, an awareness that is much lighter and much faster than the body, then this is a miracle, one much greater than walking on water tricks.
A real miracle with meaning. This is something that others have described in various ways throughout history.
Other men or women who have pointed the way to the higher for those of us who have a curiosity, a wish, a deep thirst to find truth.
A miracle that brings hope to us that there is a way or path for us to reach something higher.