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George Gurdjieff

"It is impossible to recognize a wrong way without knowing the right way."

Looking for Higher Energy

We seem to have deep inside us a yearning to experience a higher energy;
in my case the first clue I had experiencing a different state was marijuana.
After being introduced to the smoke when I was 30, I was not able to stop smoking (it's very addictive) until 10 years later when I was 40.
I did not give it up by myself but needed an outside force to accomplish that, which at that time was the Fellowship of Friends.

Drugs are interesting, they can bring us to a higher state but because of our lack of development they easily lead us down the wrong path.
The different awareness that they bring us is so mixed with our ordinary lies and imagination that what we experience is just nonsense and does not lead us to seeing truth, but takes us in the opposite direction.
Under the influence of drugs we believe we are aware of the higher but we are only aware of our dreams.

It is also believed that there are special parts of the planet where strong forces of energy exist that help bring us to a higher consciousness.
People go to the ends of the earth to find those places where this strong energy is supposed to exist.
They are places like Tao's, New Mexico and Tibet and Sedona and others which I am not aware of.

I once was lucky and got to visit Sedona. What I found there were a lot of shops and businesses that had the good sense to make a lot of money commercializing people's quest for the spiritual.
The area around Sedona is an extraordinarily beautiful landscape but is being scarred by all the structures and roads and parking lots built to exploit it.
I did not notice any special energy there other than enjoying the beauty of the red rocks, mountains and forests.
Actually I don't know if there are special energy spots on the earth. My own experiences have not been connected to these. I am definitely not an expert of the earths finest energy locations!
I have though on some occasions experienced a very fine higher energy on crowded, stuffy New York City subway cars, and in the middle of Times Square!
Grace can visit us at anytime and anywhere, there is no special place where one can demand it.

I think just on a common sense level, if you have to go to a particular place to connect to the higher that is very restricting.
It would limit possibilities to only a few people who have the means to live or go there.
Those of us who may be successful in the world of money making and can afford to live in Taos or Sedona or travel to Tibet, may not be the best candidates to succeed in reaching for the higher.
After all, Christ was supposed to have been a Carpenter walking about in sandals.
He probably could not afford a trip to Rome, so wherever he was became the place to be connected to higher energy.
Buddha gave up wealth and ease for poverty to find the path to God!
He wandered in poverty all over India and did not find a fountain of energy out there but found it within his own self.
Today is pretty much the same; it is not geography, not the top of a mountain or beside a red rock or at a seashore; but where a real master is!

It makes sense that the way to the higher cannot be restricted to the wealthy and special places, but must be available to all who genuinely seek it.
Unfortunately, the finding of that real path is a very, very big obstacle.
So many of us are seeking it and so many of us are sincerely led in the wrong direction.
How one can find a real master, one who can lead us on the genuine path to the higher?
What I have observed in myself is that there was nothing in me that was capable of distinguishing between a real master and a false master, a real path and a false path.
The true way and a wrong way!

I also have observed that even many who have the good luck to happen upon a teacher who is connected to the higher will wander away, not able to create enough value in themselves to be able recognize and stay on the real path.

Wow! This sure doesn't look too promising.
The good thing though, is that we never know we made the wrong decision, so we continue to sleep in bliss, always thinking we are on the right road and are advancing to consciousness.
Even the most successful and gifted teachers and gurus who can attract a large and dedicated number of followers absolutely believe in themselves.
Of course there are a number of these men and women who are thorough scoundrels, but on the whole most leaders don't know they are sound asleep!
They are simply the blind leading the blind and cannot lead us to anything but a better sleep; developing our personalities rather than our essence.

Looks hopeless, the odds are so stacked against us, but there is definitely hope!
It is possible; for those who are still flexible enough and have a very big deep wish to find the path to higher consciousness.