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George Gurdjieff

"Man must use what he has, not hope for what is not."

We are in Prison?

What does it mean that we are in prison?
Well, that sounds really nuts because I am free to do whatever I wish to do! I am certainly not in prison! When I want to go out, I go out, when I am hungry, I eat, when I feel happy, I am happy, when I feel sad, I am sad. I do whatever I want or feel like doing. That is certainly not a prison. It is a life in which I, make all the decisions. Even if someone tells me I should do something, I do exactly what I feel like doing, maybe what they suggest, and maybe not, but I am the one making the decision! We all have free will, I certainly have free will. If I don’t want to do something, I do not do it. If I want to do something, I do it.
Where is the prison? Where are the bars of the cell? Where are the guards?
You can tell me we are all in prison and I will say OK, but then I won’t believe it. We have been told all of our lives that we have free will and make our own decisions, and I have never seen otherwise.
So why would a wise man say to me we are all in prison? What does he know that I don’t?

Well, the trouble is we have been tricked! We have fully functioning intelligent bodies that can do all sorts of incredible and wonderful things. Men can build rocket ships to fly to beyond the planet, look at the farthest reaches of the universe, build 200 + story buildings and grand cities for millions of people. Men can climb to the tops of the highest mountains, create objects as small as atoms and now even have the ability not only to create life, to extend it and also to destroy much of it. Men also can develop the most incredible and beautiful physical skills and movements with their bodies, as in dance and sports, etc.. All of this strongly reinforces our belief in our own will and ability to do whatever we wish to do. Unfortunately we are not what we seem to be or what we think we are!
br> We exist in these fantastic bodies that have the most wonderful and miraculous features, but they have a very large flaw that is not generally known and is impossible for us to see or even discover.
Humans have been studying and testing and analyzing and researching the body for centuries.
Science at this stage is almost able to recreate a human body from scratch.
All of this information has been wonderful in helping us live longer and have better functioning bodies and in itself is miraculous.

Still, what we really are, the truth of our existence, is still quite hidden. It must be, because even with all of the skills and knowledge contained in science and medicine it cannot be seen and has not been seen.
We simply do not have the facility or capability to actually see ourselves from outside ourselves.

Seeing from above, from a finer energy is the only way it is possible to become aware of the truth of our situation. If we could see ourselves from a finer place, then we would become very aware of the prison which we are contained in and would then have the motive to try to get out!

What is mostly practiced and taught by teachers and gurus is teaching us to have one part of us look at another part of us. This is good as preparation but can also easily lead us into the opposite direction from where we need to go in order to escape our prison. Sadly it is the blind leading the blind. A teacher may have the very best of intentions and truly believe he or she is helping others but there is just no way for them to see the truth of our situation.

Well, what does it mean that we are in prison?
The answer is in trying to change, say like an actor. Actors learn how to change their feelings or emotions but only for a short time.
Can we change how we feel? Can we stop the constant parade of thoughts and feelings that parade through our heads and bodies. Can we choose how we want to feel at any moment. If we are unhappy can we decide to be happy and then actually feel happiness? If we are suffering terribly, can we decide to be happy and then feel happiness?
Of course not! Every moment we become any passing thought or feeling, we identify with each one as us, as I, as that is who I am. We cannot choose how we feel, or choose our thoughts. That is our prison, those are the bars and the jailer.

There is a way out, there is freedom possible for us.