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George Gurdjieff

"Awakening is possible only for those who seek it and want it, for those who are ready to struggle with themselves."

Coffee at Starbucks

In New York City one morning while sitting in Starbucks on 9th Ave and 47th St.
I was drinking a cup of coffee, looking out the window at the Saturday morning scene of old brownstones, neighborhood shops, people crossing the street, walking their dogs, some coming into Starbucks,
just a typical Saturday morning on a New York sidewalk.

There were all kinds of people, young, old, middle age, slender, beautiful, fat, homely, graceful, awkward, some sloppy, others neatly dressed.
There were people walking along the street alone, with dogs, in pairs, in groups, just all varieties of us.
There were cars, buses, trucks and taxis racing down the street, stopping at the red light on the corner every driver intent on getting somewhere.
Sometimes a taxi would stop to drop off someone or to pick up a new passenger.
There was the noise from the vehicles tires, engines and sometimes horns.
An ambulance raced down the street with its siren screeching.
This scene takes place everyday on New York streets. I am very used to it and seldom pay any attention to it.
But this morning, this time, something different was there. The view before me had a very different quality than my everyday perception!

While I was sitting sipping my coffee I felt in my body a wonderful light, fine energy, my back became straighter, my shoulders rose and broadened and I felt lighter.
My whole body felt wonderful.
At the same time I began to view the scene before me differently. It became more alive! What I was looking at became much more than just the ordinary street scene I had been watching, it had turned into something miraculous.
My awareness broadened and I became aware of all the ages of time and the amount of work and labor and creativity that had been necessary over time to make what I was viewing possible.
The growth of technology, the development of just the bricks on the old tenements.
All the pipes and conduits beneath the surface.
The miracle of the cars and trucks.
The miracle of our amazing selves, the human being somehow organically created over millions of years.
The fact that everything in front of me had come out of the earth, out of just the rocks and minerals and dust of the planet!

I can go to starbucks now, sit in the same seat, look out the window at the same scene and I will only see and feel what I always see and feel.
I can not recreate this extraordinary experience; it can only be received through grace as a gift, a gift of a glimpse of the truth.