I watched a TV show called the quietest place on earth. Apparently, it is on the top of a volcano on Maui, Hawaii.

It is a very beautiful place but only for those who can afford to travel there.

There are no sounds whatsoever entering the ears. There are no animals, no birds, no people or machines, no plants or trees, just complete silence. Only stillness existed there.

Of course, the people who were there, measuring the silence could not measure the eternal dialogue-taking place in their heads. There is all that noise in us and no awareness of it. This noise can even take place in the quietest place on earth!

My experience is that that there is real silence on the earth and it is much closer to us than a trip to Hawaii.

One need not have to move to Sedona or Taos, or the top of a volcano. It is right here, wherever we are at any moment of the day. We do not have to take a pill or a drink or have a message or be on a Caribbean Island. We do not have to wear earplugs or even put our fingers in our ears.

One day I came across an unknown quiet place much closer to everyone than a location.

A place that is completely quiet in the midst of all kinds of loud sounds!

A place that is very expensive to arrive at and at the same time it is very inexpensive to arrive there.

A place that is very beautiful in the midst of the seemingly ugly. A place that is incredibly peaceful in the midst of harsh chaos.

I was walking down a street in Corona, Queens one day. It was a noisy street, a typical New York City street. There was the noise of passing cars and trucks, their tires, engines and horns. There were people on the street talking. There were two buildings under construction across the street from me with all of the pounding, scraping, banging, machines and workers yelling noises. As I said, a typical New York City street.

As I was walking, I began to become aware of an incredibly soft silence. It was as if the whole street had been incased in a cloud of unseen silent softness.

I could hear all of the sounds, all of the noises. Yet, there was nothing harsh about them. They seemed contained in this invisible palpable softcloud. I heard them, yet they did not enter me.

This was the most wonderful feeling; there was not a bit of negativity in it.

I also began to notice that the silence was not outside, not in the street but was in me. I was completely contained; this palpable containment was not part of my body. It was in my body but separate from it.

This experience is a momentary view of the real world, a gift of grace full of hope and gratefulness, unearned, undeserved from an unknowable source.