Betty Bakery









This is a 20″ x 24″ Original hand painted Acrylic on Canvas Painting
The Artist is S. Dasgupta a very skilled and talented painter with many years experience and many illustrations of New York City.

Price for this size and artist is: $575.00     

 Call or email Bruce Arvon:

    718 578 8333


Brooklyn Bagel










This is a computer generated image. You will receive the image of your building in a high resolution file.

You can then use it for any purpose you find useful such as:

  •   Postcards
  •   Websites
  •   Flyers
  •   T-Shirts
  •    Shopping bags
  •   Anything

Price is:  $29.00 …. You receive the file in high resolution. Call or email Bruce Arvon:  718 578 8333